Election 2012

Free Obama 2012 Bumper Stickers



They aren’t the magnets, but it is one of many ways to show your support for Obama 2012 Presidential Re-Election efforts. Click here to get your bumper sticker for free or shop here for other support options.

I love this site, I went shopping for a few hours to get Obama gear. You can customize a tee shirt to represent the state you rep or buy an Obama basketball jersey. My favorite was the Vote Obama Tank, which I had to purchase. I also loved the “Runway to Win” line of clothing and accessories.

This is a smart way to raise money for the re-election campaign.

Check the site and buy something knowing that your money is definitely going towards a good cause.

–  J –


One thought on “Free Obama 2012 Bumper Stickers

  1. Crisis happens a lot of time not only in America, but in every country as well, the only difference is how the country’s leader will handle the situation. Barrack Obama had been very brave in facing the calamities, as a child, as a a man, and as a President. I know he is not white, he is not prefect, but who is? what matters most is the fact that he tries his best to somehow improve the economy not for his own well-being, but for his countrymen and the other countries that relied to them.

    BTW, about Romney? How can you possibly trust a man who cannot even make up his own mind? A man who only do the things that’s for his best interest? I mean? He cannot even answer Obama in the live debate?

    I am definitely voting for Obama… DEFINITELY OBAMA

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