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City Girl goes Country

Sunset in my new town. Beautiful – yes I know

I grew up in the city. I love the urban jungle and the constant movement of city life. I have always felt at home in any city I visited as long as it had a few essentials. Those essentials include a shopping district (with clothes that I would actually wear), a coffee shop every few blocks, a top of the line shoe store, and an IMAX movie theater.The city is my home and it is where I flourish.

Despite my love for the city, things got a bit overwhelming. Working, being a wife and mother, giving my son the best things to nurture his development, and maintaining a social life with my husband had become difficult. Time was wasting away and my husband and I found ourselves working – working – working. We did not want to live to work any longer. We decided to take a leap and move. Now we normally move every year or so to a different city, but this time it was different. My husband and I wanted a new way of life for our family and the only way we believed that would come was to press pause, move to the country, give our son open green spaces, and re-evaluate our direction in this world.

With that being said, we sold almost everything in our house, packed up our Toyota Corolla and drove across the country to Medford, Oregon! It was a gigantic leap for us, but one that we both believed was going to be beneficial in figuring out the next steps.

Doe and two fawn in my front yard during a rain storm.

So here I am. A city girl with my pumps and silk shirts living in the country. Wow – I know! When I told my husband that it was okay to move, I immediately feared what I just agreed to. The thing is – as a mother, you will do anything to make sure your child has the best and can live his/her healthiest life. In the city, our son developed asthma and had the worst allergies to tree pollen. I believed that if I moved our family to one of the cities known to have better air quality that our little guy would be able to run around and play without a daily inhaler. I was willing to sacrifice my luxuries to give my baby boy a better life. I was willing to sacrifice shopping malls and close family for a chance to let my husband rest from working and for the three of us to restart our professional lives and make more out of it.

I was right on the health, but boy am I bored. My husband is from Oregon, but he is in the same boat as I am. We miss IMAX movies, busy shopping malls, packed street festivals, the sounds of cars honking, and people our age. We can go stroll around town and most of the people we come across are older and more settled in their lives.

We have now been in Oregon for almost one month and have started exploring new CITIES to move to. Our short list includes; Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and New York (we would love to move back but only when we are truly set up). I like Portland, but I am thinking I need a bigger city. I have never been to Seattle, but hear nothing but good things. Weather is not a hindrance to me or my husband. We know how to carry an umbrella and dress our son in rain boots and a rain coat. So Seattle rain is not a negative. I have visited San Francisco and looooooooooove it. The only problem is that I have slight motion sickness and could only survive my three visits to San Fran on Dramamine. 😦

So what is a girl to do? Please give me some feedback if you live or used to live in San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle. I welcome other ideas as well.

Help a city girl out.


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