Life in the City

Get These Toys Out of My Apartment!


Space is limited when you live in a city apartment. There is no getting around that dilemma. Well try living in a city apartment with your husband, son, and a massive population of toys. Harlem (my son) is three and I think every toy that my husband and I have ever bought him, or that he received as a gift, occupies all the space in our apartment. There are times when I can handle the overwhelming amount of toys and then moments when I can’t take it any longer. I start to feel like a steam engine blowing out huge billows of steam when it gets too hot. I mean it is so hard to walk without stepping on a magnet, a lego, a superhero’s arm, or a train.

I have tried to purchase toy boxes to store the huge population of child excitement, but nothing seems to work. The toys will be in there home at night, but as soon as Harlem is up and fully functional, he makes it a mission to pull out every toy he owns and leave it on the floor. Just as I am typing this, he has decided to take a bin full of superheroes and dump it in the middle of my bedroom floor. The sound of the toys hitting the floor is blood curdling.

The second bedroom in the apartment that was supposed to be Harlem’s bedroom is simply “Toy Storage”. It houses a basketball hoop, three train track sets, a bin full of superheroes, a gymnastics mat, a table of books, and two closets full of baby toys. It’s bad, we cannot invite company over because our living room is currently at war with toys and adult things. We have a nice looking bookshelf (full of great books) but everything on top and in front of the bookcase is a kid toy. There is even a Buzz Lightyear battery operated power wheel and a Radio Flyer tricycle in the middle of the living room. Can you picture this room!?! Anyone would go nuts in a space like this.

I have overhauled my jewelry, clothing, and now it is time to overhaul the toys taking over our apartment. I’m on a mission to find a flea market or coordinate one myself, clear out all the toys my son does not play with, and clear out space so we can have people visit. This will be my first of many toy overhauls, I am sure.

Begin: Mission – Toy Eviction

I am trying to decide if I want to get Harlem involved in selecting the toys that need to go, or just do this all behind his back so he doesn’t hinder me from clearing out. It’s hilarious when he is going through a toy box and finds a toy that he hasn’t played with a few months. You would think it was Christmas all over again – he gets so excited. He will announce to me and my husband, “Look what I found!”. I don’t want to take this joy away from him, but my sanity depends on clearing out our apartment. I fear that we will soon run out of space and the toys will begin to migrate to our outdoor roof deck. :-/

I have not decided where to start yet, so I welcome all suggestions.

– J –


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