Life in the City

Mission Possible: Two-Piece

Two-Piece here I come!

I am a curvy girl and I love my curves. I have always had large breasts, thick thighs, and a full butt; who in their right mind would want to get rid of that. My curves bring me confidence. I never had visions of becoming a stick figure, but I would love to return to my fighting weight” as a size 10, tone up all the awesome features that God blessed me with, and feel terrific in my skin again.

I’ve always been one of those people who enjoyed working out and how I felt after a great workout…I mean who isn’t! Since placing my son back into daycare I’ve reclaimed a few hours of time to myself. With this new found time, I can focus on my business and also focus on my well being. I was working out at home and running on Kelly Drive for the past two weeks, but the ole’ knee injury started flaring up again. I would love to use the city and all the parks as my gym, but it’s not safe since I workout alone. To continue my workouts on a less stressful terrain, I signed up for a membership to Planet Fitness, dusted off the ever-so-hated sports bra, searched for tee shirts in my wardrobe, and walked into the gym for my first public workout since 2005. I decided that it was time to be serious and work hard at getting healthier and find my way back to wearing a two piece.

Enter, Mission: Two-Piece!  

I can do it!

I am determined to lose weight and tone my body without the aid of pills or weight loss gimmicks. I have tried my share of pills to lose weight and realized that the weight came off, but it surely returned after a few months. I want to be healthy so I can play with my son and keep up with him as his interests expand. He loves playing basketball and will soon start soccer in school. I want to have the energy to take him outside on the weekends to play sports and be a kid. I also want to look stunning while doing it. Don’t get me wrong, being healthy is a terrific goal, but I also want to look amazing in a pair of shorts and a tank top. I want to get back to the Brick House that I was when my husband met me and wear all the cute dresses without bothering with a pair of Spanx. Ladies, you all know what I am talking about 😉

I workout at the gym three days a week, no matter what. If I start coming up with reasons why I cannot go to the gym on a certain day, there is only one chant that gets me dressed – “Mission: Two-Piece”. I repeat that to myself over and over again and I am moving once again. When I feel the burn of my muscles working and I want to stop, I silently repeat to myself, “Mission: Two-Piece”. The goal of getting into this swimsuit gets me over the pain wall.

My workouts look like this:

Monday – Workout Day 1: Cardio to remind the muscles what they were created to do. I run in place next to an elliptical machine, stretch my legs, and do a few arm windmills for a bit of a warm up. Then it’s 30 minutes on the elliptical machine on the “Fat Burn” workout.

Wednesday – Workout Day 2: Elliptical machine for a 30 minute aerobic workout then 20 minutes on weight machines (5 minute intervals focusing on legs, arms, back, and abs).

Friday – Workout Day 3: Elliptical machine for a 30 minute Aerobic workout. 20 minutes on weight machines.

For the weekend I would workout at home by doing outdoor activities with my son and husband or floor exercises while my son was asleep and the hubby is working.

As the weeks go along, I repeat the three days but increase one level on the elliptical machine. As I move along each week, I will add 10 minutes in time on the elliptical machine so my muscles don’t get bored. I am not going to lift too much weight because I do not want the body builder physique. The plan is to be toned, but still soft and touchable.

I am now in week two of my mission and have lost ten pounds and major inches from my midsection. I feel great and look forward to buying my two piece in the coming months.

I will keep you all posted on my progress.

Do you have a mission that you are currently working on?


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