Life in the City

Philly Made the Top 10 List

Morris Arboretum Gardens - not real livestock in the grass.

Frommer’s announced that Philadelphia is one of the top ten cities for parks. This sure beats the top ten lists for obesity or poor air quality. Finally Philadelphia is recognized for its greatness and proof that cities are not just about concrete and sterility. 

Philadelphia parks include Wissahickon Valley Park, Fairmount Park, the Race Street Pier, the Azalea Gardens, Penn Park, and Bartram Gardens. Visitors to these parks can hike, bike, picnic, and simply relax. 

One of my favorite green places to relax in Philly is Morris Arboretum. I love it there so much it was the location for my wedding. Morris Arboretum spans acres of green space and pretty cool exhibits like the Out on a Limb Tree Exhibit. This arboretum is both romantic and kid-friendly. There are paths that lead to quiet fountains, serene creeks, and romantic gazebos. 

With the new spring season and the approaching summer. This great news for Philadelphia means that we all need to get outside and have some fun. Go out and explore a park or square and watch how relaxed you feel by the end of your trip. 

Check out a few of these websites to plan some weekend adventures. There are so many outdoor events going on once the spring arrives.



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