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The Hunt for a Preschool – The Real Rat Race

My three year old is starting preschool tomorrow morning. I am full of so many emotions; I am happy, excited, nervous, sad, and exhausted. Do you know how long it took me to find a school that I love and feel comfortable sending my son!?! I thought the rat race for schools would be different once we moved from NYC to Philly – big YEAH RIGHT! Since my son was 15 months I have been to numerous open houses, tours, and interviews and completed so many applications to place my family on the waiting list. From academies to learning centers, I am exhausted. I’ve skipped lunches during work to meet with School Directors all with the goal of finding a school that will enrich my son’s development and keep him safe.

I knew that trying to find a great school once my son started Kindergarten would be tough, but never expected that I would be paying ridiculous fees to place my toddler on waiting lists, doing just that, waiting. My fingers have been crossed since Harlem was 15 months hoping that someone would call me back before my son turned 5.

Despite the high amount of stress I endured searching for an appropriate school for my son, I loved it. The research, the scheduling of multiple site visits in one day, and an overwhelming collection of information has prepped me for the intensity that I am sure to endure when my son gets older.

I would be happy if this rat race were not the case in the search for the best education for children, but we do live in a city where the demand for great schools far exceeds the supply. So to Northern Liberties I go tomorrow to begin my son on a new experience. I’m excited for him to start and will share pics tomorrow.

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