City Life

Wardrobe Emergency – 80 degrees in the Spring


So today is the third day of spring and Philly will hit 80 degrees this afternoon! I’m not complaining, but am a bit concerned about what the summer will bring if we are at 80 in March. Don’t get me wrong, I love the spring. I would much rather be warm than freezing cold. I am a sucker for cute dresses and wedge heels. I love opening up my spring/summer makeup kits and running around town with my husband and son looking cute. But this jump to summer temps has me in a panic. My wardrobe is not prepared for this. I haven’t even stored my winter clothes away, now I need to go shopping for spring clothes that will keep me cute and cool. 

It’s time to hit my usual shops in Center City  – Scarlett FiorellaAnthropologieBarney’s Co-opDaffy’s, Kimberly Boutique, Verde, and ShoeWoo) for some retail therapy. I think I will also take a walk through Northern Liberties. I hear there are plenty of cute boutiques in that area full of unique finds.

I am sure after a nice and long shopping trip I will feel a bit more prepared for the temperatures that are coming to the city. I will let you know how I make out.   

Where will you be shopping this spring?


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