City Life

City Symphony – A Love Story

I was born and raised in Philly, kind of like Will Smith, and I love city life.

I love outdoor festivals in the fall, spring and summer, I love public transportation. I love driving to explore neighborhoods that are new to me. I love walking my son through the city and watching his reaction to the noise and events happening all around him. I love date night with my husband at a quiet restaurant, tasting new foods. I love all types of events held at state of the art convention centers, browsing art at museums, picnics in the park and playing catch or soccer with my family while listening to the horns, screeching brakes, and sirens of traffic.

I love people watching from a coffee shop window or a bench in the park. I love walking amongst people I do not know and making a new friend through a similar obsession (such as a pair of shoes in a shop window that stops you both in your tracks to oooh!). I love shopping at small boutiques on one way streets in the downtown neighborhood.

I love high rise buildings and the wind tunnels they create when occupying both sides of the street.

I am a city girl and I love it!


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